For Forex Arbitrage it is, it is not an easy task, a good combination of fast price feed provider and find a slow Trading Brokers. The Forex Arbitrage Performance depends on the Internet speed, between the geographic standpoint of your PC system and the Trading Brokers. The smaller the ping, the better the performance of the Forex Arbitrage EA.



Forex arbitrage is a low-risk trading strategy that allows traders to make a profit with no open currency exposure. It involves acting fast on opportunities presented by pricing inefficiencies between different Metatader brokers. These inefficiencies can be caused by liquidity providers or network issues on the broker’s side. When there is a price difference between brokers big enough to cover both spreads and then some, opposite trades are opened until both price quotes match again.

Any Broker promoting Direct Market Access (i.e. DMA), Straight Through Processing (i.e. STP), Electronic Currency Network (i.e. ECN), Non Dealing Desk (i.e. NDD), or PRO/DIRECT trading accounts may nevertheless “Make the Market” even if only partially (i.e. pass 50% of client’s orders to the inter-banking market and hold on their B Book the other 50%) as and when they wish. In theory, there is nothing wrong with this configuration as long as the Broker runs an ethical business. In practice, Regulators such as the NFA and the FCA have both demonstrated condemnable practices conducted against client’s interests by brokers claiming ECN/STP/NDD/DMA operations. The temptations to manipulate pricing and execution to the sole interest of the broker’s bottom line remain systematic.

The basic usage of the expert advisor is trading two different brokers against each other. The EA would take advantage of network or pricing inefficiencies between two brokers, sending short-lived orders and capturing 1-2 pips per trade. The expert advisor shares the last price quote and time stamp between all platforms, and attacks the slowest broker by knowing in advance the next price quotes to be received. In the example below, the EA is acting as master and slave in both platforms.

Finding suitable metatrader brokers to trade using an arbitrage strategy is not an easy task, because it is based on trial and error. The performance of an arbitrage strategy is conditioned by your network distance to the broker server, which depends on your geographical location, and the quality of the liquidity provider the broker uses. Therefore results will be different for every user and location !

Ping – a modem speed of a price feed provider or a broker. The smaller the ping, the faster the price feed. Pick therefore a Feed Provider Price from a small Ping has.

You need a Live account with a slow broker where you want to trade and a demo account with a fast broker.

You can already start from 500 USD to trade. Recommended is an amount between 1000 or 2000 USD.

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